Meet the Team

Our Co-Founders

Jen Puccini, Co-Founder

Jen Puccini


Jen has over 20 years of management, web marketing, and usability experience. She’s an active volunteer, community leader, and the mother of two awesome, funny, and loving special needs children. Throughout the years, Jen has watched her kids struggle to integrate themselves into typical spaces and situations, and she knows how exhausting and stressful it can be to help them navigate school, extra curricular activities, and other social situations. Twenty-One Senses was born out of Jen’s experience, tenacity, and desire to share what she’s learned with this growing community.

Gabi Rozborska, Co-Founder

Gabi Rozborska


Gabi is a successful entrepreneur and property manager. As a former tutor and caregiver with over ten years of experience working with special needs children, she has firsthand experience of the environmental difficulties related with sensory processing disorders. Gabi brings her unique combination of passion, experience, and insight to Twenty-One Senses and hopes to see all kids succeed in integrating and interacting with their environments.

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