Business Partnerships

Want to make your business more sensory-friendly? Not sure where to start? We can help!

Sensory Materials

Basic Partnership

We believe every child has the right to participate - that's why we're happy to offer our basic business partnership free of charge!


We'll Provide Your Business:

  • Assessment of your existing accommodations
  • One-hour consultation and discussion of your goals
  • Our sensory cheat sheet and info kit
  • A business profile on our website
  • A site feature about your inclusion efforts
  • Optional: Creation of board/executive approval materials for further consulting services

You Provide:

  • Time to discuss your business goals and progress
  • Time to complete a brief pre and post service survey
  • Access to your space for data collection and assessment
  • Co-branded communication to your audience about your inclusion efforts

ResearchResearch Partnership

Let's dig deeper into your space's unique challenges and advantages.


We'll Provide Your Business:

  • Consultation and parameters of the study
  • Recruitment and management of Mystery Shoppers (recommend 5 minimum.)
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Pre and post study materials
  • Final research report and findings

You Provide:

  • Time to discuss parameters and goals for the study
  • Mystery Shopper packages (gift certificates for entry/experience)
  • Fee for services (variable based on study size)

Membership Partnership

Continue the journey with like-minded organizations.


We'll Provide Your Business:

    • Monthly memberships calls where you can:
      • Share tips and tricks
      • Ask questions and get feedback
      • Get help navigating a particular scenario
    • Quarterly educational seminars with industry experts
    • Dashboards where you can access:
      • Recordings of past seminars and calls
      • Informational materials
    • An electronic community space
    • Site badges for services completed

You Provide:

    • Time to discuss what you've learned
    • Fee for services (variable based on subscription)
Sensory Materials

Sensory MaterialsSensory Materials Partnership

We'll set you up with key spaces and equipment that can make all the difference.


We'll Provide Your Business:

  • Consultation on creating sensory supports throughout your space, which may include:
    • Calm room
    • Sensory kit
    • Structural adjustments
    • Ambiance adjustments
  • Sourcing support for sensory materials

You Provide:

  • Time to discuss your goals and objectives
  • Fee for services (variable based on material needs)

Marketing Partnership

You've done all this great work - now let's get the word out!


We'll Provide Your Business:

  • Creation of marketing materials (if needed)
  • Consultation and support in getting the word out via:
    • Your website
    • Your physical location
    • Direct mail campaign
    • Email campaign
    • Social media campaign

You Provide:

  • Time to discuss your goals and objectives
  • Fee for services (variable based on consulting needs)

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