Welcome to the Twenty-One Senses blog!

Throughout the years, my co-founder Gabi and I have watched many special needs kids, including my own, struggle to navigate typical childhood spaces and situations. As caregivers, we were constantly researching ways to set them up for the best possible success at home, in school, in extracurricular activities, at summer camp—you name it. The information we needed, however, was often hard to locate, scattered across various sites, or incomplete. 

Most community and enrichment spaces are built with neurotypical kids in mind and, as a result, are often partially or totally inaccessible to kids with sensory sensitivities. As parents and caregivers, it can be hard for us to understand just how our kids might struggle in these spaces, how to help them integrate successfully, and how to find providers that will accommodate them appropriately. Many businesses are starting to recognize the need to support all participants, but they aren’t always sure just how to go about or how to get the word out to the people who need to hear it.

We knew that bringing kids into these spaces and experiences needs to be easier for everyone. Gabi and I started Twenty-One Senses in order to create an online space that makes it much easier for:

  • Caregivers to find sensory supportive businesses, public spaces, enrichment activities, and resources
  • Business to access resources and materials that allow them to better support the special needs community

We’re just getting started and will be adding new content all the time, so check back often for sensory information, tips and tricks, business profiles, and more. In the meantime, you can learn more about our mission and ways you can get involved.

Thank you for all your support now and in the future!

Jen Puccini, Co-Founder

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